About Our Company

Our Company is among the world's biggest theatre manufacturers and owners. The business has actually made a track record as a first-rate theatrical production business, the group produces a few of the best-known titles in musical theatre. The business phases certified productions from its world-renowned partners along with brand-new, initial productions produced completely internal.

Our Company utilizes more than 3,000 individuals worldwide, and over 10 million visitors participate in a Stage Entertainment production every year. Today the brand name is extensively understood for the remarkable quality of its programs and the warm hospitality encompassed its audiences.

Our Company has actually played an essential function in the advancement and prevalent appeal of the musical category on the Continent. From the start, Our Company has actually aimed to produce premier productions in its network of theatres.

As a part of this procedure, the business has actually invested greatly in theatre places in addition to in the expert training of artists, supervisors and coworkers in production, financing, marketing and PR.

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There is some reality to that, however it's not completely real that the phase is constantly 'larger' than the screen.

Many acclaimed movie efficiencies do not consist of still, soft-spoken performing. 'Big' can likewise be revealed on screen.